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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! 
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

We are proud to announce that the 11th Annual International Sikh Martial Arts Tournament which will take place in New York, New York on Sunday August 4th, 2013 at Gurdwara Sikh Cultural Society 95-30 118 St Richmond Hill, New York 11419 from 11am to 6pm. The tournament has grown rapidly within the last ten years, and continues to intrigue the general public!

SUNDAY August 4TH 2013 AT Gurdwara Sikh Cultural Society 95-30 118 St Richmond Hill, NY 11419.

Hosting players from areas such as Vancouver, Calgary, Prince George, New Jersey, Houston, Fremont, Selma, Washington DC, Yuba City, India, New York, Toronto and England, the Yudh Gatka Tournament truly upholds its title as 'International'.

So what is the Yudh Gatka Tournament and what is its relevance to the Sikhs? The Tournament is a dual between competing players using traditional Sikh martial arts methods. In fact, it is very similar to the western definition of martial arts. Not only does Gatka emphasize the physical training of martial arts, but it puts a special focus on 'mental' training which is needed to be successful in any sport.

"The tournament is a great way for the community to get together, and particulary for anyone who enjoys seeing true athletic and diverse talent at work " said Jasdev Singh, the organizer of the the event.

"We promote the Sikh practice of martial art because it not only can be used for self defense, but it highlights our tradition of helping and protecting others. Many people have a misconception that Sikhs carry 'swords' to harm others, but it is for self defense and protection in good faith."

The tournament lasted a full day, rearing a growing crowd each hour. "My Sikh friend had invited me to this event and I must say, it was simply remarkable to see the Sikh people participating in a sport they believe in. I think, as a Westerner, I was definitely apalled and I know that I have never seen martial arts performed like this. It was rather intriguing"

The competition also hosted competitiors under 14, under 17 and 18 and up categories.

"It was nice to see that equality came into play in the competition as well. Girls had the opportunity to compete, and many of them won their share of prizes."

Many of the competitors played with sotti (stick), while others participated in double mahrati (sticks) and chakkar (circle net) competitions. The aim of each contest was to perform the task with agility, speed and good will.

When asked what he thinks about the tournament, Ramneet Singh, age 14 replies " It is fun to watch. People think that WWF and Kung Fu fighting is amazing, but this is the real deal. It is a sport that is in the hearts of the Sikh people. Their high spirits are truly seen on the field"

The organizers of the Yudh Gatka tournament thank the community for supporting this event are proud to announce the winners of the multi-staged and highly intensive duals.

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